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Could this is be the missing link?

I spoke to David at Acella yesterday who was very nice to speak with.

Walgreens Plus™ members receive discounts on thousands of generic and brand-name medications included on this The price for a medication identiied as “Value-Priced” is listed below: • 30-day-supply drugs cost $5 (tier 1), $10 (tier 2) or $15 (tier 3) ago! The only NP that worked for me was the stuff that smelled bad. However I was dosing with another lot # that I don’t have the lot # on it and what I noticed of late is that my voice is raspy now and my throat feels a bit tight .

The expiration date on the manufacturer’s bottle was 10/2020. I didn’t, because I had hoped that FINALLY, Acella was reliable.I think I’ll give switching over to synthetic T4+T3 another go. They were grayish-tan with speckles, were thicker and had a strong chemical smell. Access Coupon. Now, sleeping during the day, tons of hair loss, and weight gain!!!

I guess I need to call the CDC? I was doing so well on the old NP. Then there were extra demands on me physically, and in the middle of that suddenly, within one hour I was down, zero energy, dizzy and tingly like in the bad old days. They look different, are grayer than the last bottle I had. Also I have been tracking my body temperature daily. These coupons are free and can be used to save up to 80% on all medications. They are speckled, gray, & smell like a mix between cat urine/insecticide or chemicalsI know the pills are changed from the original because they are visibly different, and much harder. FDA changed Armour, it came back different and less effective.Also read Janies blog from 13. The date it was made?????1. I called the pharmacist for the lot number today, and he said it was M330L18-1. The pharmacist separated the good from the bad, and I went home with only 33 tan 60 mg. tablets. Hypothyroid patients, whether from Hashimoto's disease, thyroid removal, genetics, or any other cause of having hypothyroidsim, have been finding out the bald crappy truth about how poorly hypothyroidism is treated by medical practitioners, especially in the use of T4-only. The company is doing nothing besides what you just experienced. I’ve had to cancel gigs and may not be able to travel to see my family for the holiday.Call around to different pharmacies where you live and see if any of them still have the pre speckled tablets in stock. 03. Severe muscle pain and headaches. Be careful.1.Just started with these pills 4 days ago, Smells horrbly of cat pee and stomach is upset, feel full and tiredI like others have had trouble since my Sept. refill. To best identify the product the NDC’s, Product Description, Lot numbers and Expiration dates are listed below. I am going to take a chance and take the new ones next week.There seem to be three types of NP Thyroid pills from my experience:1) tan and sweet tasting (old one). I am calling pharmacy now—however I’m not sure what to ask for. Too soon to tell the effects.Different Smell and look with the last mail order which was in late Sept 2019. This man asked me a lot of questions (like what other meds was I on — I told him none). I picked up this month’s refill and the smell is back!Vicki G, what a batch number and EX date has your bottle without bad smell? I am now having hair loss, fatigue so bad I can hardly get out of bed, yet I can’t sleep at night. Exactly how am I supposed to know if my RX is affected?”Received the new NP as of October.

Color darker with specks. Otherwise, I will go to synthetics.My compounding pharmacy tells me they are unable to get the porcine to compound my medication. seems to be affected?Does anyone know if there were already any examinations of the tablets and results up to now?I have an original bottle of 100 for 120mg………..manufacturer stamp is exp 9/20……….the lot number has a “K” in it (rather than the F you have above). Ridiculous. Maybe some people are thinking that is the expiration date. Following is a list of possible medication recalls, market withdrawals, alerts and warnings. WALMART ... WALGREENS.